Life in Osaka – Day 1


こんにちは!: hello!

This will be the first entry into a semester long daily blog about living in Osaka, Japan. Unfortunately I haven’t had really stable internet until today (April 1st) so I couldn’t post these blogs for a week, but I will be posting that week anyways and writing from a perspective of that day. Thankfully, I took tons of pictures.

Today (March 25th), I left Reno for my study abroad experience. It has been nearly a year of planning and working towards going to Osaka, Japan and it will finally pay off. I will be traveling with two other people, Bianca and Jay, who will be featured here often. We all began the day at 4AM with an excited goodbye to our parents. We then flew for 30 minutes to SFO, where we spent 5 grueling hours eagerly anticipating our time in Japan. We saw some cool stuff while we were there too.

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Grid: Realtime Online Strategy Source Available

After about a half year of having the app up on the store, I figure it’s time to put the source code up. It’s not really a lot to gawk at, but it may serve useful for those who are looking to set up Google Play Game Services with LibGDX. The app was made hastily for a class I was taking, so the code is definitely messy and has more than a few serious design flaws in it. If you’re looking to find a project to build off of, this might not be it. But it does harbor an example of a multiplayer LibGDX android experience. If you want to properly compile, you’ll have to hook up the code with the Google Play Game Services “BaseGameUtils” project. There’s a good tutorial on how to do this here.


You can find the source on my Github, or by following this link.


I hope this has been useful!

Puzzle Pirates Foraging Bot – Lessons Learned

A year ago I decided to stop working on the old version of my Foraging bot. It worked okay with a search rate of around 1.5 seconds at a brute force depth of 4. It did have some issues due to the way it was threaded, and it got stuck occasionally, but it did the job. It could attain GM with help from humans.

Since then, I’ve again picked up the keyboard and started working on a completely different approach to solving the puzzle. It’s hard to talk about the way I solve the puzzle without feeling like I’m giving away too much, but it’s a combination of a few separate solving systems working asynchronously.

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Puzzle Pirates Treasure Drop Bot “Avarice” Progress Dump

The last few weeks I’ve been hard at work designing a couple new methods to increase performance in the simulation and information gathering code, finishing the simulation system, and re-working the higher level AI solving method.

I’m happy to report that the board simulation is now completely finished. I really underestimated how much of a pain it would be to get the “doubling” coins to simulate properly. Thankfully, it’s now running somewhat optimally. There are still a lot of things I could do to improve performance, but it ran fast enough with a trial AI that I haven’t had a real need to take a look at it again too much. I did swap out one of the data structures I was using to store propagating moves though. I think there is a better candidate, but I’ll find out if I need to.

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