Life in Osaka – Day 1


こんにちは!: hello!

This will be the first entry into a semester long daily blog about living in Osaka, Japan. Unfortunately I haven’t had really stable internet until today (April 1st) so I couldn’t post these blogs for a week, but I will be posting that week anyways and writing from a perspective of that day. Thankfully, I took tons of pictures.

Today (March 25th), I left Reno for my study abroad experience. It has been nearly a year of planning and working towards going to Osaka, Japan and it will finally pay off. I will be traveling with two other people, Bianca and Jay, who will be featured here often. We all began the day at 4AM with an excited goodbye to our parents. We then flew for 30 minutes to SFO, where we spent 5 grueling hours eagerly anticipating our time in Japan. We saw some cool stuff while we were there too.

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