Life in Osaka – Day 3

だいじょうぶ : It’s Okay

Greetings again, this day begins with me and Bianca’s realization that in Japan there are practically no 3 prong outlets anywhere. Because of this, my laptops could not be charged and we did not have a good way to reach people through social media. We made it the goal of the day to find a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter that would work for my laptops. This proved to be a little bit more difficult than I thought it would be, but it lead to a lot of really interesting sights.

Before we set out today, we decided to try an おべんと place (a place that serves ready to eat meals) that we had found nearby our apartment. It’s quite interesting to note that in Japan food is quite a bit less expensive than in the United States. Most places serve full meals for between 5 and 8 dollars, meals that would generally cost 10 to 15 dollars in the United States. Our food fell in the 5 to 8 dollar range, but was very well balanced and filled us up just enough. The food was pretty good quality too, the chicken and sauce was quite delicious!

After eating, we used Google Maps to try and find an electronics store nearby. We found a place called “Atom Electronics” on the map, so we started to head in that direction. On the way we crossed a park in the middle of an urban area. Japan seems to have a lot of parks in the middle of their city areas. They are quite beautiful. In general, we are noticing a lot of plant life in Japan compared to Reno/Nevada. Moss and plant life grow in the cracks of the streets and people keep potted plants all around their homes. At least they do in the area we are staying in, Yodogawa.

Once we arrived at “Atom Electronics” we realized that it was actually an office building, not a store. We had no idea what to do after that, as it was the only electronics store that showed up on the map. Thankfully, we were very close to another set of stores: one Japan’s many covered shopping streets. These shopping streets are basically a walkway with stores all along the sides. We saw one when we first arrived in Japan and tried making our way to our current residence. This might be the same one, I’m not quite sure.

After checking the covered mall and finding nothing, we texted a friend of ours doing a homestay here, Jay. He informed us of a huge shopping mall called “にしのみやガーデンズ” or “Nishinomiya Gardens.” Having nowhere else to check, we decided to take a train down to the area and see if the mall would have it.

Coming from Reno, our biggest mall is a one-story mall with maybe 25 shops. I had considered it quite big until I saw Nishinomiya Gardens. Nishinomiya Gardens is a five story mega-mall attached to the station in that area. It is an absolute behemoth filled with clothing stores and restaurants. Although fun to look through, it is a bit daunting to try and find a one inch adapter in a mall bigger than five of my home town’s mall stacked on top of each other.

We did end up finding the little adapter, but not before we found the top of the building. Above all the shopping malls on the roof of the building is a beautiful garden and fountain. At night the lights in the floor come on and create a beautiful scene. We were also lucky enough to run into some event occurring at the time. We sat down unsure of what we were seeing: around 30 or so high school girls dressed in the same uniform on a stage. We didn’t know if we were crashing a graduation or if we were witnessing the end of a show. After listening for a few minutes, we gathered that it was some sort of idol project. It was very fun to see some girls who are hoping to make it as stars! がんばって!(do your best!)

After traveling around Osaka for ten hours looking for an adapter, we were absolutely wiped. We took the train home and went to sleep.


(see you tomorrow)

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