Life in Osaka – Week 6 and 7


Hello again and welcome to the study abroad Osaka blog! Last week started off with a quick trip to a local Umeda hot spot, the “Sky Tower” building. It’s main attraction is that it’s extremely tall and you can stand on top of it. I’m really not a big fan of tall things so I was not extremely thrilled to go, but it was still fun.

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Life in Osaka – Week 4 and 5

ご注文 :order

こんにちわ!ひさしぶりですね。Or, hello it’s been a while! I missed last weeks installation of this blog due to an influx of testing and field trips. We did a lot these recent weeks but I have fewer pictures than I would have liked this time around. Because of that, this entry will focus on a little bit more of the way of life in Japan as opposed to what we’ve been up to near the end.

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Life in Osaka – Weeks 2.5 and 3

だいじょうぶ:It’s okay

Greetings again! If you have been reading this blog at all previously you might notice that it has been a while since I last posted. There are several reasons for this:

  • I am not much of a blogger
  • Blogging is hard
  • Blogging while studying abroad is hard
  • Blogging every day while studying abroad is hard

I’m not stating that blogging is hard as a complaint, it’s just a fact. I give major credit to those who keep daily blogs/vlogs. Kudos to you! Thankfully for me and my happiness, I found out I only have to blog once a week for my class. Because of this new revelation, this blog is now a weekly blog.

Since I’m making this switch, this post will be.. a little long to make up for not being weekly before. Expect updates very Friday from this point on! Now that we have that out of the way, here comes one and a half weeks of doings in Japan!

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Life in Osaka – Day 6

ガチャポン:Collect ’em Balls

So, you might be asking your self “what the hell are Collect ’em Balls?” Well it’s a poor translation attempt by me to explain “Gachapon.” The name is like.. “Got ya (gacha)” and “pon (ball?)” which roughly ends up as Collect ’em Balls. Their purpose is also for collection so the name sort of works out. Although, it’s not a pretty name! Anyways, these balls will show up in the middle of the blog and will pretty much be the best thing you’ve ever heard of.

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Life in Osaka – Day 5


Unfortunately, this day is going to be rather poorly documented. I didn’t take a lot of pictures today, and WordPress decided to throw out my first attempt at writing this blog. This is definitely the “むずかしい” blog entry.

This day began rather quaintly with Bianca and I waking up around 7:15 and heading to school like yesterday. We’ve really gotten the hang of the train system now. It’s not quite as bad as we (Bianca) thought it was. We had more orientation today, so when wer arrived we were prepared to zone out through another four hours of presentations, but today was a bit different. Today we were forgotten by KGU.

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Life in Osaka – People of Osaka 2


One night, Bianca and I were walking down the street to find a place to eat. On the way, we crossed a van with the back open, and low hanging cloth flowing from the open van trunk door covering the entrance a bit. It was a food van. I observed a few people go in and out, and I had to know what it was. I bent over to look in and see what it was from a distance, so I didn’t cause a fuss. When I looked in I saw a big man sitting behind a grill. He immediately saw me, and motioned for us to come over. When we entered he smiled a great big smile and held out his hand. I extended mine to receive whatever he was giving us, and when he opened his hand two small cylindrical bread pieces fell into my hand.

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Life in Osaka – Day 4


どうぞ:Here You Go

Hello again, still trying to catch up these blogs with my current time in Japan. They are really keeping me up late, but I continue to persevere! Day four of being Japan was quite eventful, just like all my other days! Being here in Japan has really been a dream come true. This is a wonderful country. Today is also the first day of school for both Bianca and myself.

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Life in Osaka – Day 3

だいじょうぶ : It’s Okay

Greetings again, this day begins with me and Bianca’s realization that in Japan there are practically no 3 prong outlets anywhere. Because of this, my laptops could not be charged and we did not have a good way to reach people through social media. We made it the goal of the day to find a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter that would work for my laptops. This proved to be a little bit more difficult than I thought it would be, but it lead to a lot of really interesting sights.

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Life in Osaka – Day 2


すみません:excuse me

I thought it might be fun to start every one of these blogs with a specific Japanese word that I have found I use or hear most often in Japan. I’ll try to pick a word that relates well to the blog entry each time.

The day had started for me and Bianca a little bit differently than the other students in the study abroad program. Unlike most of them, we have chosen to arrange our own housing. We decided to do this in an attempt to both save money and enjoy an even more immersive Japanese experience. Because of this, while the other students were leaving for a “move in day orientation” me and Bianca decided to explore the area before we went to our temporary housing.

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Life In Osaka – People of Osaka 1

As an aside to my daily blog, I really wanted to highlight a specific part of studying abroad in Japan: the Japanese people. During my short time here I have already met some truly wonderful individuals. Even small acts have a great impact on me, someone who is very foreign to this country. These off-chute entries will highlight a specific individual and the event they are involved in.


On my second day in Japan I had just moved into me and Bianca’s temporary housing solution: an AirBnB near the center of Osaka. After we had unpacked, we decided to look around the neighborhood. I was immediately impressed with the area. It was quiet, but still commercial and fun. It was a city and a suburb all at once. Children played in the park surrounded by tall buildings filled with homes and various restaurants.

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